Thursday, 6 June 2013


 (Educate Elevate beanie, Vintage Top, Bindi off ebay, Charity shop shirt, Primark maxi, Dr Martens)

Long time no blog. I've been so busy with work that I started to leave blogging behind but I've realised that everything I've ever achieved has come from my blog, and I really do enjoy blogging so I don't want to stop. It's always so awkward when people ask you what you like to do and your reply is 'style blogging' and then you have to awkwardly explain that you basically pose in ya back garden taking pictures of yaself... LAWL.
The question that more than half of the time comes out of their mouth is 'are you vain then?' I don't even know why I decided to tell you guys that story to be honest, how random.

Anyway's these are my first pair of Dr Martens and I bought them in the sale from Soletrader. They still have a few in sale for like £49. Really is a bargain not to be missed. I love this off white colour, although I really do want a black pair. This maxi skirt was bought in Primark for £8. Topshop is my favorite shop but, they sell the exact same skirt for £20. I'm... not about that life.

This lipstick is cool. Kate Moss' Rimmel collection in number 04. Pretty dark but hay. yolo.

If you wanna know what I've been up to, then it's this: Presenting Repvdo News
I've also got a slot on BBC 1xtra every Tuesday at midnight chatting pure crap about da newzzzzdem.

Instagram: CheyenneDavide


Inês Brito said...

Amazing ♡

Tanya said...

Cute docs, love your hair girl! Yeah why pay more when the skirts look the same. The beanie's great, I'm definitely looking into getting some of Educate Elevate's stuff. You suit the bindi so well.

Little Black Russian


Lavinya Royes said...

love the docs. I'm feeling that colour! and the dark lips are really nice against all the brighter colours! and ppl will always ask "are you vain?" but what do they know about FASHUN! lol x

nakia said...

dude your so hawt !! love your style

xx Macie said...

These are brimming with life and radness. Love it, obviously.
Backyard blogger creepers unite!

Amen Fashion †

Halie said...
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Halie said...

Cool combo.

True said...

Yayy ur back! Lookin stunnin as usual!

Jessica Shep said...

Really like the maxi skirt with the shirt around, it looks really 90s but with a cool twist xx

Charlotte said...

oh you look so awesome

ordaining serendipity

Sophie Ruffell said...

Love your look!

Oroma Roxella Rukevwe said...

Glad you're back, love this look!


Abbie said...

Amazing outfit, your style is on point. Love the mixture of patterns and colours xx

MissMaryMarie said...

your style is all kinds of dope x

Jay said...

Perfect pattern mix :)

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