Sunday, 4 December 2011

you don't phase me..

Hey guys,
I am IN LOVE with these riding pants! I never say I'm in love with an item of clothing, because I think it sounds.. weird, how can I be in love with a pair of trousers? But it's all changed lol, I seriously love these babies! I actually ventured out of my house to get the black pair, but they didn't have my size, so I thought hmm why not get these ones? I think the colours very different to other leggings/pants out there which is why I eventually opted for these ones! They go with everything, and are only £15 so go grab em'... quickly though as I think they'll deffo sell out!

The flash on my camera has officially died! In a way I'm kinda glad it happened now, because I've spent all day learning about the correct settings etc so now I feel like a Nikon D3000 know it all *LOL I wish* but alas it will go into repair mode, luckily I have insurance on it... but I'm looking to get a new one anyway as I want one that films? Wanna start making video's too and fitting in with everyone else LOOOL!!

Oh and to the anon that wrote THIS...
1) you clearly lack educational skills, because it's MIXED - RACE not mixed raced.

2) I'm from Eltham, so where has Luton even come from please??

and THREE) erm, if I'm ''mixed raced'' like you say I am (which is also quite obvious duh) then WHY on earth would I support the BNP please??

BIG UP the anon, love ya xxxx

and if anyone else get's silly comments like that then please laugh it off, never let stupidness like that affect you  as a person... EVER (:
Love ya,
Shyy x
Jumper: Topshop Pants: H&M Converse: Office Hat: Primarni Scarf: Nan's Coat: Nan's


Debbie said...

I love your confidence! + those riding pants look so nice on you! I must get a pair:)x


holaaaaa :) haha init we use to be like wifey for lifeys and then you just didnt care bout me :( schlaaaaag! love ya riding pants. wish i could look good on them but er im podgy and end up getting camel toe and that aint good is it :p and lolololool at anon. i love anon! why don't i get them?! obv not as popular and cool as you ;) but who cares about haters when you're this fit?!?! <3 xxxx

Rowan Reiding said...

WOW. You look great! Love your style!


Celine J. said...

You're looking awesome! ;-)


*My Modest Mouth Blog* said...

Yessss, your hat looks soooo warm!

boyshorts said...

I've wanted riding pants for a while but didn't know what I'd wear it with, but I love your outfit so you may have convinced me to get them :)

Malu S♥ said...

Gorgeous! Love this look!

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musicandmollie said...

love this outfit, the striped top looks so good. thankyou for the lovely comment! :)

lasophia said...

Why do people get so freakish behind a computer? aww crazy. Those riding pants are hot! I want some riding boots too. I was curious as how you dress in cold weather.