Sunday, 25 December 2011

SUNDAY SPOTLIGHT: Vivienne Westwood Booties

Hey guys,
Merry Christmas everyone, hope everyone's having a great day! So aside from washing up gloves and 'how to iron' instructions, I also got my hands on these Vivienne Westwood booties, which I have been dying for for ages!!! Thank you mum! :)

Normally I only wear trainers, but I love these sooooo much, that I just couldn't resist haha - they go with everything, only thing is, is that they've got to be sent back... their too small for me, so guys, if your thinking of getting these shoes, make sure you get the size up as they come up small!

Love ya,
Shyy xx


Amanda said...

oh how cute! Merry Christmas =)

That girl Saadiya said...

Ahh these boots! Would love these in my life :)

Thank you for your comment on my blog btw! I know, majorly gutted but as you said there will be more opportunities :)
Yeaah defo wanna go into presenting after I graduate, can't think of anything else I wanna do really :) xx

Stella said...

Awww! They look amazing! Hope you had a lovely Christmas :)

Yana Drozdenko said...

Great look! You have a nice boots!

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V I V I D said...

Oh, I love this shoes!

Gillian said...

Those boots are amazing! Hope you had a lovely Christmas!

Gillian x

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Sojo, FWB