Saturday, 24 December 2011

be original..

Hey guys,
Thanks to everyone that commented and said they liked the first episode of in da loop, glad ya liked it. and also thanks to anyone that said they didn't like it, it adds to the views and also, criticism comes in handy sometimes ;)
This is what I wore today to get my final bits of christmas shopping, I can safely say that I have everyone's christmass pressies, so excited to dish them out - I feel like it's the first christmas that I've been able to really enjoy buying presents for others haha, I'm not selfish no more YES!!! hahaha

This is the Topshop dress, but I wore a top on top of it to make it look like a skirt, really love it as a skirt actually, saves me buying a velvet one ;)

Jacket: Topshop Top: Topshop Dress: Topshop Rucksack: FCUK Tights: Topshop Converse: Office Necklace: Topshop Hat: Primark
Love ya,
Shyy xx  


Anonymous said...

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Warsamaaa said...

Love your jacket and the whole outfit, hope you enjoy Christmas :) x

Amy said...

Cute outfit...really love the hat and rucksack. Merry Christmas x

inĂªs said...

love it ♥

Kenzie Leigh said...

i love your hair!!!!!!!!

Deni said...

lovely outfit!


Anna said...

Gorgeous, love your style!


Katie said...

Seen another person with this dress and didn't like it, you pull it off though, looks great as a skirt, i wouldn't have realised if you didn't say! Great outfit.