Sunday, 20 November 2011

SUNDAY SPOTLIGHT: fur headband

Hey guys,
just a quick post to show you my new 'keep my ears/head warm' headband type thing. LOL!
Most probably one of the best buys of the entire year! It was only a tenner down from £30 can ya believe it? Would never of paid 30 squid for this though soz, but I found it in good ol' Dagenham Market - great place for a bargain!! This actually keeps my head so warm, and I think it looks pretty cool, especially when your having a bad hair day haha, *kinda why I wore it today aside from the coldness lol*
I found some similar ones on ebay if you wanna check em' out which are here but type in 'fur headband' and literally loads come up - the choice is yours haa (:

Shyy x
p.s 'Sunday Spotlight' is a new thing I'm gunner go with to highlight any specific item I'm particularly loving for that whole week (:


Kacrates said...

gurl rock that fur :)

Cherry Monster Fashion said...


Nef 'n Nat said...

loving this headband :)

Maya said...

Love it, can't go wrong with the markets!

K. said...

You look so cute in it!;)

Mz Pretty Paris said...

The headband is very different but I like it.

Krisbliss said...

I like it! Super cute!


Mai said...

loving the lip colour!!

CMPang x

Nina Richards. thirteen little loves. said...

that headband is amazing.
you're such a babe!
♥ ♥