Wednesday, 5 October 2011

lets take a look behind the scenes...

 Top: Adidas Shorts: Vintage Tights: Primark Sock: Primark Trainers: Adidas

 Cannot believe these tights are from Primark, normaly the type you would see in Topshop but for like 10x the price! So couldn't believe my luck when I waltzed into good old Primarni and saw these beauties for £3! Corr, I know a bargain when I see one haha - but their tights selection are really on trend right now, love it!

I don't quite know why I have a weird fascination when it comes to wearing one sock, but I like it, even though I look like I have a bandage on and even though I now always end up with odd socks. The things we do for fashion aye?

Here's a look for all you fashionista's out there that wanna know what its like behind the scenes at a photoshoot for a magazine!! (styled by meeeee)
(all looks styled by me, with direction from Sam Ranger, photography by Steven Toner)

Love ya,
Shyy x


lasophia said...

Those tights are hawt. I like your one sock, didnt even notice it! The video was dope but the song made me sad :( Where are the dope beats? So how much adidas wear do you have now? You lucky woman!

jae said...

so lucky to be doing the styling for adidas (the song is a bit depressing though lol!), i'm so jealous, and i love your top!

Krissy ~ said...

CUTE tights!
Krissy xoxo

Elizabeth Liga said...

i love everything you and your blog
check out mine at
its still the beginning tho :)

♥ Noxin ♥ said...

Aiiii-- I like the way you wore the socks along with the tights. <3 Gorj.

The whole looks' adorable, as usual.

Unfortunately, I can't view videos right now. D: I'll check out the behind-the-scenes later~.

Tanja said...

great style!!

Lisa said...

Super cute look, I like the tights with the sneakers. I actually saw this look on someone else's blog btw!