Sunday, 25 September 2011

this sound is for the underground.

Hey guys,
this is just an outfit I wore to go out clubbing, not your typical partying outfit, but hey it's kind of a casual place lol!
Bought these gloves from Topshop the other day - they was £18, some say it was too much money for half of a pair of gloves LOL but I literally wear the life out of them now, and I think their sooo versatile! I mean, they can be worn with any kind of outfit - so all in all, a great investment for me :)

- I just realised that I haven't bought a new pair of trainers in a while, cannot believe that, what's happening to me?! I kinda just live in my pink Adidas ones and converse, all though Ascis did send me a pair of kicks as a gift and I'm in love with them! Will have to do an outfit post on them later on!!

Talking of trainers - check out the new episode of REP:FASHION where I take a look round Crepe City and look at all the hottest street wear brands :)


Superblondeep said...

love this outfit! the tee is amazing

TheOtherSideofCool said...

I really love this outfit it's a bit rock chick- so sexy! xx

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Missy Cheeks said...

nice the print of your t-shirt!!
nice video too.kisses

Molly ♥ said...

Awsome tee !

Kirsty F said...

Love your style! you wouldnt look out of place in new york! xx

Raquel C. said...

You look great Shy !
I hope all goes ok for you *

margarita ts said...

you look stunning!
amazing look!

Jen said...

I like A LOT!
more fun than the usual bodycon/heels.

J x

I V Y said...

love the band shirt so much!

xo zebra and meerkat

Krisbliss said...

The gloves are hott!


rosesareblue said...

hey! LOVE the looks and write ups. Please let me know what you think of mine? Your blog is a real inspiration!

Kisses, Polly x

Blend of Life said...

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Kitty Considine said...

so glad i just came across your blog! youve got a fab sense of fashion and im loving the fact you can wear trainers and pull of this rock chick look all at once! will definitley be following and keeping up with your posts :)

if you have the time please check out my up and coming blog... x

mozzzz said...

amazing outfit! such a stunner xo