Thursday, 18 August 2011

wanna be in a fashion shoot for exit magazine?

pictures from Exit magazine found on google (styling not done by me)
 Hey guys,
so I post with some rather exciting news :)
I've teamed up with Exit Magazine and Adidas, so therefore I'll be styling a shoot for them! Exciting right? If your not familiar with Exit, I can tell you now that it's a massive fashion magazine... and... the best bit? Every single page is GLOSSY! lol

So, I'm on the search for girls to model the clothes and be featured in the magazine :) *unpaid* BUT It will be a fantastic opportunity to get your face out there - and how cool would it be to show your friends and fam and be like ''erhhh yup... that's me hehehe'' haha!

You need to be available all day to make it to London on Thursday 25th August, and unfortunately you also need to be 18+ and 5ft5 minimum

email me BY MONDAY EVENING @8PM and send me a head shot and full body shot of yourself - no worries, it doesn't have to be  professional, as long as you have pics of yourself then that's all that matters :D

can't wait to see your pics 
Love Shyy xxxx


Toks said...

Aww, drats. I would have loved to do this, but unfortunately I am abroad right now and won't return till the 28th! Oh well, good luck to everyone who enters :)

Missy Cheeks said...

great opportunity,but unfortunately I can't participate.kisses

Kacrates said...

I wish I could. Sounds like a great idea! :D

Roza said...

Hahaha, I'm glad my moustache cursor leaves a long standing impression ;)


Xueer C. said...

Thanks for the comments! ;) That's an awesome event, hope you'll find someone you like for the job!
with love,

ronan said...

aww shy i would have LOVED to do this! but i'm only 16 :( your styling is gonna be so amazing i can't wait to see it! email me if you fancy sneaking me in because i'm 5'10 :D :P have a great time xxx

LaDivalicious said...

sounds good x

Honey said...

beautiful jacket with leopardenprint.<3

Vilette said...

Wow! Congrats! Hope you show us some photos from your photoshoot!

Bea S. said...

lovely pics! thanks for your comment :)


Anita said...

Lovely post.

T.Rose said...

thanks for visiting my blog once again :)

oh this is such an amazing opportunity your offering people! Hope you find your models for the shoot :)

I won a competition to have a photoshoot once, was a very lovely memorable experience. I'm only a tiny 5'1 though, so modelling will never be for me. lol

keep well
tasha xx

BANG: FWB said...

Congrats! That's major. Can't wait to hear about how it went. Many blessings and well wishes to the girls who try out, too..!


Sojo, FWB