Sunday, 17 July 2011

Sunday = the day of rest.

no mascara
Tried to rock it - but look moody haa :)
back to normal LOL
Hey guys,
It's Sunday and the day of relaxing! Ha.. That never happens in this house - I've been cleaning, cleaning, painting, tidying and more cleaning :) Moving into my bigger room soo it's taking a lot of time, but finally starting to get somewhere.

I kinda like the no mascara trend right now, even though I know I'm a bit late... but, I think it's quite a nice look to change up on from time to time. I think it looks wicked if you have no mascara and a bold lip colour, but hay that's just my personal opinion - I'm not no MUA haha :)

Thinking of making a pair of these babiess?
Loving the leopard print (stole off tumblr)
Anyways I'll have an outfit post put up on Tuesday :) Also I haven't commented people back - my laptop is broke AGAIN, so I have a limited amount of time on my MOTHERS PC. *looks round and see's mum glaring at me* I'm gone LOL

Love ya
Shyy xx
P.S A few people asked and these leggings are from Topshop £22 :)
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ronan said...

i think you look pretty cool with no eye make up shy! i hardly ever wear it and i don't think people really notice. it's good to give your skin a break sometimes :) hope you've having a lovely weekend, haha and i hate borrowing people's computers! :P following you on twitter noww! :) ronan xxx

Anonymous said...

hi can you do a post about what products you use , because your make up looks amazing !

SusuanaLove said...

I think it looks cool. Im tryna go trough a no make (except eyeliner) trail this summer to improve my skin.


Naomi-Elizabeth said...

I never look as though I'm wearing mascara, even when I actually have it on... it sucks :(

Caroline Ergy Erg said...

Those shorts are so cool! You definitely should try to make a pair!

isFresherFash said...

Those shorts are killer!!
xoxoxoxo Sophia

Kacrates said...

haha i believe i am the orginator of the no mascara look because I hardly wear any. :)

And make those shorts! seriously they look like a wicked new project to start and do.

Monica said...

You look good with less makeup! I don't think I could ever go sans mascara because my eyelashes are blonde and it makes my eyes look tiny.

Those shorts are gorge. I want a pair.


lasophia said...

I would like to request a vlog tour of your room when you're done. I love to hear your voice! It's so cool.

Vasu said...

Amazing style, the shorts look super cute

The.Red.See said...

Cute shorts, looks like a fun DIY project!