Thursday, 21 July 2011

One year of friendship :)

 Hey guys.
off I go to Nando's yet again, I swear right as soon as my pay check comes more than half my money goes into Nando's takings haha. Me and my best friend Symone are celebrating our year anniversary of friendship haha - we're sad what can I say :)

I'm gunner be posting pics on here soon (even though it has no relevance whatsoever to fashion) and show you guys what I been getting up to in my room - it's manic! But the main colours are black, white and pink! Really loving the black, loving the gothic vibe to my room if I do say so myself haha! Cannot wait until it's finished!!

Laptop will be back soon, sooo I'll be able to read some of my fave blogs again, been missing that haha!!!
Before I go,  
        have any of you receieved a email from someone saying, 
''send over your house address and we will send you something in the post to enter you in for a competition?''
Let me know... thinking it might be something dodgy ya know? haha

Love ya
Shyy xx


BlueVanilla said...

Great look! Love the shorts!

Hot Pink Day
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hiya loving this ouitfit you look lovely!! and my man loooooves nandos lol and i mean looooves it! i had it last night before i tweeted you! *nice*-rubs belly! have a nice night.

oo da email sounds creepy babe


Tesh said...

That very dodgy dont trust it. I always get e-mails from unknown people asking me to help them and send money! Whats up with that?!

You look hot as always. Loving the bag to the maxizzle!


Krissy ~ said...

those emails are definitely scams! ahaha!
love your necklace ^^
Krissy xoxo

Shabby said...

great outfit! i love hoe you always rock the sneakers!

Maria Tereza said...

Hi dear,
amazing photos and amazing outfit!
you look pretty!


Sabrina said...

you have a really nice blog! :)
if you want we can follow each others!

I love your hairs


LOVE LOVE LOVEEEEE this outfit,the bag is so nice,and the cross necklace :)

Kate xo

Neiry said...

Really chic outfit, love your shoes and your shorts. And I can't wait to see what your room decorations =)

Jen said...

its a scam defo!
nice look, me like the wooden cross + bag.

Jen xx

Xay B. said...

Nice shots. Check out my work when you can.

Que The Lights
QTL Images

Noir La Belle said...

this is very cute, LUV the accessories! :)