Saturday, 16 July 2011

Belly button piercing...

 Wassup guyss?
 Hope everyone's cool?
Cannot believe my laptop screen has broke AGAIN. Only got it fixed in January now it's all buggered up, it's in the repair shop at the moment... maybe it's a sign that I should get a new laptop? :/

I've been painting and decorating all day, as I'm in the process of moving rooms wahaayyyy = moving into a bigger room = more space for my clothes ahaha! When I'm older I want a walk in wardrobe lol - doesn't everyone?

Sent off for my driving license today, so excited to start driving - now just to pass and get my car :D
Also dunno if you guys noticed... well maybe not cause it may be a bit awkward if people stared at my belly LOL, but I got my belly button pierced today!! Was well nervous going in, thought it was going to hurt, but actually it was a piece of cake :D

Love ya
Shyy x


Little Petite Blog said...

Cute outfit! I love your nails too =)

Anna B. said...

love your nails, the shoes are fab! Hope the piercing doesn't hurt too much :)

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Miss Independent said...

wow, ur nice are awesome!!! love the outfit! i wish i have a body like yours!

Emily said...

Looks great! I got mine done a couple of years ago on spring break and I love it. has great jewelry and it lasts forever. Amazing quality for the price and a huge range of stuff.

Hope you like it!


Emily said...

By the way, I'm over at

come visit anytime!


lasophia said...

Uh oh watch out! Shy fashion diva on the road! Lol. I had a walk in closet in college. It was amazing, I used to have to walk through it to get to the bathroom. Now I have one broken closet and one unbroken one. Hate them both. ugh. Like your chains hanging out of your leggings. gangsta.

sian said...

yehhh belly button piercings are a piece of cake but they look so cute! i've had mine done for years & i practically forget its there now!

hope you had a good birthday lovely lady but seriously you have to tell me, where are these leggings from!? xxxx

Funny Little Frog said...

My dream is to have a walk in wardrobe!! I didn't even notice when they pieced my belly button, not painful at all xxx

Panda said...

Your nails look ACE! and ah, love the belly button piercing, one of my best friends got hers done recently and it looks so good. I'm yearning to get my septum done, or some more in my ears. Shame it costs a lot to get them done well :( Panda xo

Neiry said...

Great outfit, those leggins are hot!

Doma-Nikki said...

Belly buttons are easy peasy aint they! It's the more 'sensitive' parts of the body you gotta worry about haha! Love the nails :) x

Cherrie J. said...

Love your nails!!! They are awesome!!

-Cherrie <3

Toks said...

Is it your provisional licence you've sent off for, or your full licence?

You're looking great as always! :)

Kacrates said...

Haha I havent been here in weeks! Sorry! Wow love those nails, minx or the effects ones are wicked cool.

Good luck and congrats on the licensure!

And I like your new header very vintagey and cool kid feeling. <3

And congrats on belly (piercing that is!)

*now breathes* So much to catch up on.

Coralie said...

You have such a nice look !
You have a nice blog :)
If you like French fashion, you should check out mine, and don't forget to follow if you want to know when I post something new ;)


Lisa said...

cute outfit, love that belt..and the nails are looking pretty fly!