Sunday, 12 June 2011



Soo here are my May out takes, LMFAO. Just goes to show that I'm a normal person and I can look like shit, like everybody in the world. Sometimes I think the media can just really put a downer on people especially young girls by all the edited and air bushed images we see day in day out. Well ha here's the real me LOL. Flys undone, mid sneeze = yup that's me.
Sometimes I get tired of seeing 'outfit bloggers' in every single post doing these poses that just look like their in pain - you know the usual head looking up to the sky as if God is about to come down and land right in front of you, eyes closed as if your in agony and some weird mouth movement as if you wanna scream ha. Just be you dammit LOL. If you love fashion that much then show it - have fun with it, play around with it!

I think why I love blogs more than magazines is because blogs show REAL girls, talking about fashion, not afraid to show who they are. I admire girls that don't particularly "conform" to what the media see as 'fashionable' and come out here on the world wide web and show themselves off with their outfits! So basically big up to all the girls on here that aren't size 0 - that have curves, that aren't constantly airbrushed, that DO show off their high street Primarni buys.
Your all such great role models and this is exactly what the media needs to pay more attention to these days - REAL girls. (not necessarily slipping pictures like the dreadful outtakes of mine ha) but REAL GIRLS!
Love ya
Shyy xx
p.s I have exams this week so I'm going to be mega crap with commenting people but I have automatic posts scheduled to come up :)


ronan said...

i love this post :) i love the message, you're such an inspiration to me :) and it's so nice to know that even someone like you who is stunning and has an amazing blog still has slip ups :) ronan x

Kacrates said...

I agree. Real is real and its the best that can ever exist. Be your own person is the truth.

Catherine said...

you are a real beauty, wow! Looove your pics xoxo

Aquí said...

love all your outfits! The sneakers add such a cute touch! You're beautiful btw :)

TheOtherSideofCool said...

Great post :) and you do still manage to look gorgeous in all the pics! Even mid sneeze!!

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lmfao i TOTALLY AGREE WITH YOU shyy... but it takes a girl like you to say the above to make the sheep listen lol! everything you stated in this post is a constant theme to my clothing designs and creations 'I WILL NEVER EVER CONFORM'.. TO THE NORMAN! but anywho you look lovely, right now i am kicking my self -(joke) because i burnt my food and its oven food you know lol

sorry about the essay!!

congrats on your adidas shot by the way i know you rock there socks!

Lace n Coffee said...

I agree, since I started reading fashion blogs, I hardly ever read magazines now.

btw I'v had to start my blog over and have a new url. I hope you can come and follow me again.


nobz said...

love your funky style!!


Michelle Lee said...

Amazing looks all

Your newest follower, Michelle

Sabrina T. said...

such a great style you have lady!!
wow:)nice blog..have a look at mine and if u like it follow me..i'll do the same:)
kiss from Milan!

Patchwork à Porter


(i chat to much here i go again).. i was meant to add lol.. (but due to burnt oven food i didn't) i don't really mind how each and every person poses for photos (except magazines)- boring!- i dont read em!
I believe that when one gets dressed up for a photo and poses it adds more Flavor to a/the photo and outfit so i am not against poses no matter how Cliché they are lmfao i love to pose loud and wacky because it expresses who i am my mind is like an arcade full of exciting colorful fun!



Je ne sais quoi said...

i really like your blog.
great pictures.
check out mine.
hope you will follow me :)


Anonymous said...

your blog is literally one in a million! Love reading your posts and your pics are really cool. keep posting xx

cosmetic-junkie said...

love these piccss, love your blog im following :D xx

Girl about town.... said...

Love your pictures! The hat is adorable on you! I defiantly have major wardrobe envy!

Girl about Town XxX

Lena said...

Love this post! So cute!

Black Pearls said...

love love love your post! Your photos are so awesome!! love your swagg.
xoxo asiahlynn

lil miss Sauniya' said...

soo true!! i love this post, and the poses :P :)


Neiry said...

I agree with you, I love reading blogs more too. It is more personal and it shows realness.
And lol at your pics you are too funny!

MizzJ said...

HELL YEAH I agree with you on this post!! It's the very reason why I started blogging in the first place, though I have to say there are also a ton of bloggers who basically seem like rich models anyways haha

YazmiinAktar said...

lol love the mid-sneeze picture. and so true! i love reading blogs!! it's cheaper than buying magazines anyway, haha

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