Tuesday, 31 May 2011


don't really like how I look like a cartoon - lighting is a bit... mad. LOL
Hey guys,
hope your all cool.

Was so happy that it was sunny yesterday was literally lapping it up in this dress LOL. Erm, I don't even think lapping is a word? Think I just made up some new phrase haha. So I went shopping - well window shopping of course, I like pretending I'm rich LOL. Then got some Nando's mmm.

I'm going to the Adidas headquarters tomorrow woo! Going to go and choose which Autumn/Winter clothes I wanna use for the shoot - actually really excited to see the collection! Cannot wait :)

C R A V E     O F     T H E    W E E K

I really want these. The pair on the left came into the RWD office some time ago and I loved them, and the pair on the right I also want as well cause I'm greedy.

I made a facebook page, I don't really know why lol, but hey if you wanna like it you sooooo can. Guess I'll be posting blog updates on it and a lil bit of goss LOL

Love ya
Shyy xx


Jayy (The Official Fliistar) said...

you're definitely a sneaker head lol but you got me into adidas now . Your swagg is so hip hop. I love it.

Superblondeep said...

I love your ADIDAS´s dress!!!

Lace n Coffee said...

You rock that adidas dress.

Aldina said...

I love the sporty look :)

Very cute outfit as always.

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Andrea said...

you look awesome! love your lipstick colour!

The Cherry On Top said...

Those sneakers to the left are sooo cool!
Love them
Can I ask you how many pairs of sneakers do you posses, cause in like every post you wear new ones :D

BlueVanilla said...

You look great in lavender! Those shoes are dope!

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Anna B. said...

the dress is awesome!

Reckless Rekha. said...

You look lovely the colour is so pretty <3

Sarah said...

LOVE themm too!

ronan said...

fabulous dress! :) i love those trainers! it's cool you can get them in office now because they were only in libertys weren't they :) ronan x


lasophia said...

You are the face of Adidas, for me at least. loving the lilac.



Kacrates said...

are those the nike liberties at the bottom! Im buying a pair. I NEED THEM. lol The blazers especially. or maybe the dunks. IDK!

The.Red.See said...

Your hair looks too cute pulled up!

Jazzy E (hivenn) said...

Your hair's amazing. x hivenn

vered said...

I love the shoes on the left, their colors are very sunny. :)

Cristiane said...

I saw your photos in Mode Republic and I came here to say that you are amazing! Your hair is stunning, my dear!

Kisses from Brazil,

Tesh said...

Love your outfit, its HOTT! and those trainers are awesome!!



CCCCCAAARRR CRASH, is what happen when you walk down the street in that outfit u look hot loving the lippy also!!

my BF LOVES some nando's... have it at least twice a week yer i know ill be clucking like a chicken soon! lol

any who GOOD LUCK at the adidas headquarters go rock there socks lol... anywho, I was going to e-mail you the jewelery but i wont be finished in tme for your shoot ooohh well anyway ill put them on my blog in a few weeks have a look, i talk to much so bye!


J.Ashley said...

love the addias dress!, very pretty


That girl Saadiya said...

Ahh those shows are lush! I needs to get me a pair :) xo

nikkistyle said...


Joanna K. said...

love your outfit!

True said...

one word: swaggg!



.x.Sarah.x. said...

Love the outfit!

I really want those floral Nikes!

Great blog, I'm a new follower :) xx