Tuesday, 17 May 2011


Hey guys,

 OMG I had the exam today - 2 and a half hours, but I literally couldn't stop writing LOL. My hands feels like my bones have broke haha.

 This is my outfit I wore the other day - I'm feeling to start investing in some more dress' now - I only have like 2 day wear ones, the rest are for night time, so if anyone knows of anywhere that sells good cheap pretty dress' let me know :)

 Maybe not Topshop.. ha you know I've NEVER bought anything from there - I feel like it's too much money you know, I dunno sometimes when I see like a pair of shorts going for £50 I'm just like :/ ahahaha - cheapskate I know.


Literally don't have any craves this week well apart from a camera, but not sure which one I want to get yet...

Actually I do have a crave to go for Beyonce type hair...
I know I've spoke about this before, but still not deffo sure I'm quite scared hahaha.

What ya think? Hahaha I'm just still so indecisive whether I  should or not... :/ 

Love ya
Shyy xx



AMAZING you look stunning as usual,love how you wear dresses with high tops :D

i reckon blonde would look so good on you too :D

kate xo

Ichiban Nikooru said...

Nooooooooooo to the blonde!!!
a lighter brown would be nice, try using cinnamon honey and conditioner, leaving it in overnight and it gives you highlights (though it has different effects for different people). I've done it around 5/6 times, and it's definately made a difference :)

BlueVanilla said...

Atleast with two day dresses you know how to make it look fresh every time!

Hot Pink Day
Shop Blue Vanilla

EclecticNyLa said...

Love the outfit dollface. I voted for your look in the Adidas lookbook. I hope you (London) win.

ronan said...

the hairstyle would be well nice! i love your curly hair though! loving the dress and jeanjacket, i need to get one :) x


Maya said...

Lol I'm the same about Topshop, too expensive for clothes you can get all over the high street. And I reckon a light colour would suit you, maybe like a light brown

MizzJ said...

The hair color would look so different on you! I bet you could pull it off though. I think you should keep your hair curly though - it gives you more personality!

Whoop it up! said...

super outfit ! (:

xx, nati&tany

simplychic said...

gorgeous as usual! and beyonce like hair would be GOOD on you!

SusuanaLove said...

Wow beyonce type hair is a big change but I love your and also your trainers :)


Larissa ♥ said...

love the dress :)


Walking on Sunshine said...

grazie per essere passata da me!^^ bellissimo il tuo outfit!! complimenti :) adoro anche i tuoi capelli :D ti va di seguirci a vicenda? un bacio!

Walking on Sunshine said...

heiii your outfit is gorgeous! and I love your hair :D would you like to followe each other? hope so! xx

lasophia said...

I thought Topshop had cheap dresses. Silly American. Well I say you keep your hair dark and curly like yo mama's. No to the blonde. Don't cross over. Keep the brunette pride alive.


Stephiiiiii :) said...

That hair would suit you so much! You'd look as gorgeous as usual! Love your outfit! You look stunning! To shop have such weird pricing! But you seriously need to get to Primark in the lovely Lewisham loool they have really cute dresses in there! I've bought like 7!! Two of em were like £10 the other five were only a Fiver! They'd really suit you aswell :) keep blogging sweety :)
& keep rollin rollin rollin ;) loool
Stephii :)

Lace n Coffee said...

I love your hair as it is, it's like your identity like trainers.

Jazzy E (hivenn) said...

so adorable. x hivenn

Julie Marie said...

Lovely outfit. Really amazing! You're very beautiful :)

xoxo, Julie

Samantha Jangira said...

Lovely outfit :)