Sunday, 29 May 2011


Hey guys,
sorry I haven't been posting properly this week - but I'll be back to normal again starting with Tuesday's outfit&crave :)

These pictures were just took at random by my mum when we went photo hunting that time haha - I told you me mum likes to take a pic at every given opportunity - she was proper like 'omg look at that background ahh picture moment' LOL

Currently watching 'the curious case of Benjamin Button' - It's about a baby being born old, but getting younger and younger as he ages? Confusing. It's well weird looking at some old wrinkly baby - oh yeah it's fake but. Hmm.

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Love ya
Shyy xx


lil miss Sauniya' said...

Awww your mum sounds sooo cool, she takes reall good pictures too :)
I love the outfit by the way, the glasses look reall good on you!
omg you totally scared me with 'the curious case of Benjamin Button'.. i thought it was real for a second and all scientific explanations started going through my head lol :P
well hope you are enjoying that :)


vered said...

Your moms cool. and yeah there are some moment when you have to take a picture! anyway girl, you look sharp :) lovin' this outfit!xx


noiiice outfit ma love :) and your mom sounds awesome! aha
i fell asleep watching benjamin button :/ xx

lasophia said...

Benjamin Button!? I hope you got 3 hrs to spare! haha. I hate when my mom takes pics of me cause she puts the camera in my face and jerks the camera at the last minute so it doesn't focus. Its worth it to me to bust out the tripod. haha. Ima tweet you about the accessories. XOXOXO



Shout to Shyy's mum .... U ROCK!!
And the Benjamin Button story is really good weird how you see a person reverse the roles of aging but freaking awesome idea for a film!

the photos look Professional i really like em!

omg look at that background ahh picture moment= freaking awesome mum



sian said...

i loveee these pics! well done shyy's mum! the graffiti background is so so sweet, looking good as always!!! i wanted to watch that on 4 tonight, but completely forgot- so annoyed wtf! xx

thomessa said...

Love the photos & your moms reaction to finding a nice place to take photos :)

Kamila said...

love your look!!!!!!


GiGi di Puglia said...

really nice blog!!! love it!
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ronan said...

you look gorgeous as usual!:) haha your mum takes great photos, love your outfit especially your trainers and classic striped addidas jacket! ronan x

jamie said...

you're gorgeous!

Hannah said...

You look lovely! I've never seen Benjamin Button but it sounds so weird!xxx

Lynda said...

Very beautiful!
Making me wanna go back to London

Tesh said...

Your mums cool, the background is fricking cool too! Loving the outfit, you look overly HOT if i must say =)


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