Sunday, 10 April 2011


Hey guys,
how you doing?

Currently watching Kerry Katona on TV, erm just wondering how many times she's gunner say 'this is my last chance' (to fix up) she's said that about 30 times LOL.

Can't believe how hot it's been in England lately, I'm friggen loving this sun. If you think about it - the sun is pretty powerful (haaa without sounding like a saddo) but honestly, you can be in some bad mood, then all of a sudden you step outside, and just seeing the sun and being warm can make you happy.

 Isn't really a great outfit to be honest. In fact their my boyfriends trakki's LOL! But I was just wearing it around to house to slouch in... except the vans - now that would be weird to wear shoes around the house LOL

I'm going park tomorrow with my boyfriend - I think it's safe to say we really need to have a 'talk' a BIG one at that.

As for the outfit post for tomorrow, I'm pre-warning you that I'm going to be wearing the yellow vans LOL and maybe even the yellow top - I may just be a tramp for the day. LUL!

Summer leads me to buying lots of pink colours :p
Love ya
Shyy xx



iyaaaa wifey fo lifeyyy.. WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN? god im startin to think that you're cheatin on me........WITH YOUR BF :/ ptshhh ;) why you have a talk with him? you cant come crawlin back to me!
i want tracksuit bottoms now omg look so comfyyyy.
ooooh is that barrym 146? coz i love that colour yano xxxxxxxxxx <3


god just re-read my comment. bad grammar. sozza i from china xx

lolita said...

YESSSSSSSSS SHYYY :D am good me thank you... really enjoying the weather man its sort of 2good to be reall specially for UK pahaha anywoo i actually love this outfit its so chilled and relaxed loving the BF trackies heheh x

Beatrice said...

LOL @ lucys comment.
Looks comfy! I'm unimpressed with this weather, don't know if its cos im a hot weather snob. I need heat! I switched on the heater and am clinging to it as i type.
Im always colddd..
Uh yeah i wish you good luck with that talk!
That photo looks really good btw.

laxmi said...

Heyy thanx for the comment in my blog.. Your hair is ahmazinggggg. I once had huge curly hair too but it just wasn't for me but I love any women with big curly hair. It makes such a statement. xx

jae said...

You look so chill, love it!

Black Pearls said...

Love the look.. I wish I could just have something on like that and it would look nice and right like how it is on you...
xoxo asiahlynn

Kris said...

Great post! Stop by my blog sumtime in your free time ...

<3 <3 <3

Monica said...

You're lucky to have nice weather. Where I live in Canada it's sooo rainy, but I kind of like rain.

Yellow vans are lovely, I want a pair!


Alex said...

I love the yellow vans! I reaaallly need a pair <3

me and my lifestyle... said...

You look great!!
Thanks to commenting in my blog ;)

Sophie Isobel said...

Mega casual outfit, loving the yellow Vans.
Arghh, hope the 'talk' goes well!

Lace n Coffee said...

Been loving the sun too, though back to dull today.
I'm getting a bit sick of Kerry Katona going on about turning her life around. Well who wouldn't if their management paid their rent, bills, school fees etc. I've stopped watching it now.

Fatoumata Guirassy said...

i LOVE ur hair

XPPINKX said...


i think i just might be your newest and biggest fan...your simply gorgeous and i love your style...BF sweats are theee best...such a cute look


Wiebke said...

thank you very much!
i like your outfit :)

Star-Light said...

cool outfit..perfect for a sunday :)

Stephi :) said...

Shyyy what's been gaan on lol where have u been O.o loool
Mann I actually have that outfit on right now, Tommys trackies & vest top lol
It's friggin rainin now like wth -___-
how's everything with Isaac?
Still looking gorgeous as always!!
Love you xxxx
Stephi xoxoxoxoxoxo

Saskia said...

thank you for your nice comment on my blog! the sunglasses are pretty old though (2 years?) So i don't think you'll find them :(
just checked out your blog! very cool! xxx Saskia

Ina said...

Thnks for posting my blog! It made me happy :--) You look like a model, u are very pretty and I fell love with your style ♥

Sharlxo said...

The weather has been lovely :)
You look gorgeous, even in such a simple and comfy outfit!!
the barry M lip stick looks HOT


Tiffany said...

you're so pretty! i've been trying to do the repeated background thing that you have but idk why it wont work on mine! but nice blog girl :) im following

Emily said...

I'm sure you get told this about 4967 a day, but you have amazinggg hair, I'm so jealous! I hope your talk with your boyfriend goes/went okay! xx

Mariamma C. said...

I really don't know if I've ever seen anyone pull of the sweats look so well.

You look great!

I love your blog missy. xo

Cátia Couto said...

Nice lipstick :P

xoxo ;*

Maria said...

Heeeeyyaa, just discovered your blog and it's the shit! I love it!

Am now your newest follower!

Beth-xo said...

love your shoes, such a gorgeous colour! xx

sophiie-e said...

So pretty :)
Thanks for your comment.

xx sophie

Taj Acosta said...

Your hair is just gorgeous! love the pop of yellow shoes! xo

Barbara said...

I like ur pictures and ur style .. I'm following you now! xx

maphi said...

i love your style so much i followed xoxo