Friday, 8 April 2011



Top: Primark
Leggings: H&M
Trainers: Adidas JD

Hey guys!!!

OMG. It's half term everybody! I'm sooo happy, I've been absolutely swamped with coursework deadlines and mock exams, but I'm soo glad to say I've got a whole month off (thanks to some bank holidays and the royal wedding ;) )and now I can blog again YAY!

Haha init when you start blogging after you've had a break it feels like your some sort of a beginner again? Or is that just me? I dunno but I feel like I'm some newbie haa, tryna get the hang of this again. Also when you don't blog for 2 weeks it seems like a years gone by init? Haa

But yeah really excited to start blogging again :D I bought some new adidas trainers as you can see in my pics.

I got some air force ones and some yellow vans too!

£44.99 from JD :)
£39.99 from Office :)

I will have as post either tomorrow/ Sunday :)
Speak soon guys :D

Shyy xx


sian said...

lovee all the trainers, you look shit hot woman! the racerback top really suits you and i love the colour. i wanna know your hair secrets, my curls just dont do as their told i always look like a ball of fluff :(

lucky you getting a month off! and i so know what you mean i stopped blogging for like 3 weeks and i just feel completely out of the loop :/ xx

jamie said...

very pretty! i like the color of the top paired with the white jeans ;)

tinkerbelle86 said...

love those converse!!! very stylish, and you have a great blog here!

Beatrice said...

Love the outfit...
Wtf? A month. My school is fucking stingy, even with the wedding I get 2 weeks and 2 days off.
I know the feeling, it felt like I hadn't blogged in so long, I'm finding it hard to think of things to blog about.
Looking forward to your next post!

T.Rose said...

wow! your so pretty!

Cinja said...

heyy :)
thanks for your comment!
you look great. aww i want your pool (and the matching weather!!)

Sophie Isobel said...

I love your hair! It must be a beast to tame but it's cool :D
I like your top too

Anna Bananorama said...

loving the vans, the top is such a nice colour as well :)

J.Ashley said...

love love love your shirt!, glad your back and have some down time

Krissy ~ said...

you looking gorgeous girl!
love love love your adidas shoes in the image!
and adore your vans!
absolutely looking forward to like, a whole month off nearly!
Krissy xoxo

xo $ARMIN said...

Your such a hottie!
I effin' love your hair.
& since been reading your blog, I am craving to buy some sneakers. & I own none, well other then my Reebok EasyTones...
I effin' love how you style your sneakers.


MizzJ said...

Looking fierce as usual girl! I would totally wear this outfit on lazy weekends bumming around.

Kenzie Leigh said...

its kinda sick how much i loove your hair!! lol great post!

Judy said...

you have beautiful hair! love your new vans - it's so incredible how effortlessly chic you pull off sneakers.


Tray said...

Your yellow vans are amazing :)
XxTrayxX from :
Pages of Tray

Black Pearls said...

Very cute I the color of the tank top on you!! I love the adidas.. they are HOT!
xoxo asiahlynn

Larissa ♥ said...

I have them in light pink, too ;D
love the yellow vans !


Lace n Coffee said...

I agree with Sian you look s*!t hot. Loving all the trainers.

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Reckless Rekha. said...

Love your trainers. lol you don't sound like a les I probably do because your figure is incredible & your stunning. Love you hair <3

Steevy said...

thanks for your comment on donteatread!

you have such gorgeous hair! i love it!


Sara said...

i love everything about your outfit! you look cool :)

Carlijn said...

nice outfit ! xoxo

Tesa said...

cute blog!

jae said...

such a cute outfit!
glad your back :)

Eva Ana Kazić said...

For as long as I can remember I've been craving over hair like yours : )

Fashion fly said...

Great new trainers and your hair looks great :)
xx, A

Sophie (Little Mittens.) said...

love those vans!

in answer to your questions, it's about £7 a pot - i've read that it doesn't last very long but i've used it 4 times now and i wouldn't even say i've used half the tub

Naomi said...

Those Vans are amazing! I've never seen them before, such a nice colour!


gold-lady said...

great look :)


Belle&Alexa said...

thanks for your comment!
lovely outfit :)

EMMAYAMMA. said...

Your vans are so cool
Comment/follow and we'll follow back

--Sanam-- said...

Your Adidas trainers are awesome, & I love your new Vans, the mustard yellow colour really make them pop :)


Courtney said...

Cute outfit! Loving those yellow vans! xx

Lisa said...

Love those yellow vans...I love all the bright colors they come in now. I really want the purple ones!


lil miss Sauniya' said...

I love those Adidas !! :) x

Southerners from the North said...

i love the laidback look of this outfit. cute!

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