Thursday, 3 February 2011


This is a NON fashion related post.

What’s the first thing that comes to our mind when we think about love?

Happiness, caring, beautiful, and perfect just to name a few. But what actually is love? For me love is a confusing situation, yes I may be happy and feel as if being in love is the most wonderful thing, but what really is love about? I mean, what’s the point of it? After all love isn’t JUST all those nice things, it’s much more than that…
Along the way you get frustrated, angry, confused, hurt and upset, no matter what type of relationship your in, your always gunner have some sort of bumpy ride. 

You can love your partner with all your heart and more, likewise with them, but that doesn’t ever stop you from getting hurt. When you love someone, I feel like your also signing up to be upset along the way, maybe it’s due to the fact that things are never perfect? Take last night for instance, me and my boyfriend were supposed to go out, so I get ready and then he calls me up after I’m fully dressed saying ‘there’s been a change of plan, we can’t go out tonight, but I can meet up with you later on at night?’ Now I suppose in a way I’m supposed to be grateful because at least I can still see him, but that doesn’t stop me from getting hurt. It’s the fact that he decided to tell me this AFTER I had finished getting ready. Yeah I suppose some people would say, ‘oh is that it? It’s not even an issue’ BUT believe you me, me and Isaac (my partner) have gone through a lot of hurt and upset - my point exactly.  

Why do we love when we know we’re going to get hurt? What attracts us to it? Is it the good times we have? Do those good times outweigh the bad times? But then what if the bad times gets worse? What if you find yourself having more bad times than you do good times - what happens then? Sometimes this is the situation, and a lot of people go through it, but they never leave… Why is this? Some would say it’s because they don’t want to let go, some people just stay for the mere fact that they don’t want to be lonely. But I think it’s more deep than that;

I think that when you hit the point where you’ve been with that same person constantly arguing for years, and you know you should leave. You just can’t. It’s because you build up a force with that person, it’s like that person becomes you, you know each other inside out, so to leave would be like losing a part of you right?  I think some people get scared to leave because they feel as if their parting from their comfort zone - your so used to being with that same person that the thought of change freaks you out

But when it comes to situations like this, you should not hesitate to leave - after all, the constant arguing, the constant hurt and upset will only cause you to lose yourself more and more as a person, ultimately affecting your personality, confidence, your relationships, and your work. How does that form of ‘love’ make you happy? It doesn’t. You may think it does, but it don’t: you can’t physically be upset a majority of the time yet still be happy - emotions don’t go like that. I don’t want to turn this into a cliché and say that ‘theirs plenty more fish in the sea’ cause that saying to me is really ignorant
Being in love makes it extremely difficult in any circumstance to let go, but what you have to remember, is that if you don’t leave a relationship when that person isn’t making you feel as happy as you should - then you don’t love yourself enough, and if you don’t love yourself, then how can you even really love someone else?

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Cesarina said...

Hey! thxs for stopping by. Nice post.


Aida Apple said...

Hey!!! Thanks for your lovely comment :) Aw this post is really sweet and true. You have such a great blog and I have to say congratulations of the magazine job, it's actually really inspiring


Heather said...

What a deep post. I was in one hell of a relationship about 4 years ago (not to say we didn't have our good times cause we def. did) with a guy that I thought could have been the one. We hit this point where I was just so unhappy with our relationship but couldn't get myself to leave it (even though I knew it would be for the best) instead we fought almost everyday until he finally broke it off. It's funny to look back on it now because I'm in an actual healthy relationship. I'm rather happy that I went through it to have experienced different relationships bc it makes you realize how lucky you are when you are with the right person. It makes you see what is healthy and what isn't. Sometimes you have to go through the crap to figure things out yourself and to make you stronger.

Nish Gibson said...

Love love love this post. I just posted on being happily single and I just think it's all about building a relationship with yourself first!

Love the blog

JANE said...

The trails and tribulations of love... love is actually a very simple thing but when you're involved with the wrong person or in the wrong circumstances, then that's when love gets complicated.

I feel there are so people out there who are stuck in dead end relationships not because of love, but b/c they don't love themselves enough to let go and realize their worth. It's sad, but who am I to judge? I've done it to myself time after time. I'm just happy to be able to finally see the light and be in a healthy relationship with a wonderful man. We just gotta learn from our pain and then let it go. That's when love comes in.

Ola said...

Great post, very deep. Thanks for the comment over on my blog. Loving your blog as well!

officially following x

cassie said...

love, love, LOVE this post!
it really helped me, i have been thinking a lot about it especially through this month and it really spread some clarity for me, thank youu!

The Ali creation said...

Thank you for the Iphone application tip! THat helped me a lot :D
xx, ali
p.s: Love the cupcakes hhmmm.. getting hungry :D
p.p.s: love how you styled your blog to :D

big kisses to you my dear<3

**OnYxStA** said...

I love this real!
I remember when I was unhappy with my ex cos i felt i was being treated like a princess, the way a lady like me should. After battling myself and crying my eyes out, I've learned to live life without him, quite happily as well :)

Meda said...

It's good that you're with you man and stronger that ever.
I like this post!
And yeah, having a big bump isn't a bad thing, of course not!
And that doesn't mean you sound like a lesbian, hahahaha.
It's just two girl sharing their "bump"-experience with each other, lol

Meda from

Nina Francesca Fairfowl said...

Great post, really helpful to me at this point in my life :)


Camelopardalis said...

loved reading this post.... oh god i'm so confused about love at the moment. i really don't know what i should do because i'm in a half-relationship (without any fights at all) but well.. my head's a mess. if you want to give me some advice, my newest post on my blog is about exactly that problem.


Shaé L said...

I absolutely love this post..
It's so true, and my boyfriend also randomly drops to me "oh can't come out now, gotta do this &that".. and even if I've only got on my top or something, it still p***** me off! And we've been going a hell of a lot as well, but I still never let go? I'm so weak but that annoys me so damn much!

LOVE your blog by the way!

From a new follower x

MizzJ said...

These words are so true and wise. I hope someone reads this and follows your advice! I've been there, done that, been in a relationship where we both were caught in an unhealthy cycle of our emotions. It's exhausting and so freeing when you finally get out of it.

Toks said...

That picture is so pretty, especially with the lashes and stars :)