Sunday, 20 February 2011


Hey guys,

how you doing?
I'm currently writing this post on Friday evening, because I'm spending the day with the boyf on Saturday + Sunday so won't have time to do the post then. Also really excited because I'm going down Sussex to go see my best friend from Sunday to Tuesday :D Well excited about that.

Anyway, unfortunately I can't get hold of the behind the scene pics of the Adidas shoot that were taken on an SLR camera, but I have some others that were taken :)

Here goes:
This was the bathroom of the hotel we was at - LUSH.

Me Sophia, and Stacey before hair and make up... again!

some of the clothes
some of the trainers

The photographer :)

My friend stacey
It was a wicked day! Didn't manage to get any pics of me cause I was soo rushed off my feet - but I had  fantastic time :) cannot wait until the pictures come out :D



lolita said...

OOOhhhh Go ShYY am so loving you blog honestly... the shoot looks like it was well fun (have a lovely long weekend) x

Moya2bean said...

i love bloggers who express themselves and show their! Love ur blog womanz!

Cupcakes and Cosmopolitans said...

I fucking love your eyebrows!
What do you do women? STUNNING!


Michelle Chic said...

sounds like an exciting day!!

Monroe Steele said...

I love your blog. thanks so much for your comments on my blog. Im a new follower. Visit me again soon. You are so gorgeous and damn thats a lot of sneakers lol

xoxo Monroe

Fashion Steele NYC

Antonette said...

looks like you had a great time..btw your so gorgeous!!

jae said...

can't wait to see the pics from the shoot! your so lucky!

Zuzanna said...

you are great. <3
your blog is fantastic.!

so expressive! :D

these all shoes are yours? :O

xoxo Sue<3

Anonymous said...

i love your friends trainers in the middle last pictures, iv tryed the addidas site and i cant find them :( do you know where i could find them? thanks and great blog by the way

Jane said...

you're incredibly pretty!
great blog :)

calla said...

great bathroom!

your friend stacy is gorgeous!


Ciara said...

Gah, that must be so cool to be behind the scenes! What do you do? Hope your weekend is swell!
--Ciara :)

Anne said...

sooorrry for not replying before, uni took over my life.
i've been good and reallyyy??? i will break up with you the day before valentines to surprise you with 'alcohol' the next day...funny, aww bless him!

also guess what??? i do admit that i have been slightly rude about my cheating flatmate, and it so happened that i vented my frustration on twitter. I might have called her a home wrecker, might have....
so yeah she saw them( i must say she must have actively stalked me, cuz we aren't even following each other or have any followers in common) So guess who paid me a visit at around 2am asking me what all that had been about??? she totally went for me 'bad girls club style' it was epic! i swear i was afraid to sleep last night, she has the crazy in her eyes....

so yeah dinner time and all general hang out times are going to be VERY AWKWARD ( *insert awkward turtle here)

YES, my life is grand. nways hope your fine ;)

Sharla said...

YOU are absolutely gorgeous
thank you for stopping by and commenting love

Josephine said...

seems to be an excited day! great!!!

Inez said...

came across your blog and i so love it!

Lucy said...

LOVEE the first photograph! Your make-up is amazing!


simplychic said...

you have a great head of hair. lol. i know that's kinda random, but you really do :)

The.Red.See said...

Looks like a great day! Can't wait to see the rest of the pictures!

Annabel said...

you're gorgeous I love your hair and your blog!

lasophia said...

Looks like a fun day. Can you teleport me from CAlifornia next time u do a shoot? Oh and glad to hear your V-day went well as well. We didnt end up going out to buffet cause I was sick. oh well. some day...

Showmethelook said...

¿Te gusta la moda? Tenemos unas gafas especiales, una particular forma de ver las cosas. Unos son del año del Mono, otros de la Cabra. Nosotros (bloggermente hablando) somos del fatídico año del leopardo. Del triste año en el que el leopardo se convirtió en un MUST.
Síguenos y entérate de los eventos, las novedades musicales y comparte nuestra peculiar forma de ver la moda.

Te seguimos :)

Ellie said...

This seems like so much fun!
Your pictures look great doll!

Jess said...

mateeeee plush hotel!
lucky fucking you!
absolutely over the moon for you! i'd love to have the oppurtunity to do shit like this.. ahaha maybe i need to do some rubber neckin!
defo looks like you had a sick time and i would love to have some hair n makeup done and feel pampered..
how do i vote for london you fool..

hope you had a good weekenddddd!

Liana said...

looks like a great time! you have amazing hair!
thanks for stopping by my blog and your great comment!

Fashion Bag 411

Sarah said...

Jealous! Looks fun! Love your blog btw, am following. Maybe you could check mine out? :D

BRUNO said...

Omg, so much Adidas! Love it! Awesome photos (:


lolita said...

HEY SHYY i just nominated you for the S.B.W check out ma blog and accept it X

Dee O. said...

Very cool! Lovely photos :) Enjoy your weekend my dear!


C. said...

cool post :)

Prissy said...

You're a very pretty girl. Looks like you guys had a blast on the shoot!!!


Phoebe said...

You're gorgeous, i love your hair! and in response to your comment on my blog you should definitely watch 90210 its incredibly shallow and fantastic! x

Meda said...

You look beautifull in the first picture! I love the make up.
And I saw you had a new theme; Follow Friday.
Good thinking!


Anonymous said...

You got bug eyes, like they go in different directions!, kate moss, very weird. BUG