Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Wanna know what it's like working for a magazine?

Hey hey hey,

So all this week I've been doing mad hectic stuff what with school work, coursework, blogging work, housework and now real work ! LOL
Basically I've started working for a magazine called 'RWD', and I can safely say that... I LOVE I!

This is going to sound bizarre but this all started by my blog. Basically I've been reading RWD mag since way back, and I've always loved picking it up because it's a really 'down with the youth' kinda mag - it's not high fashion, or celeb endorsed goss, I would say its quite an urban type magazine? So due to my love for the magazine, I sent the office an email, explaining why I love their magazine, and why I have an interest in fashion, explaining how dedicated and passionate I am about fashion writing, and what I do in my spare time that relates to why I'm emailing them in the first place i.e. blogging.

Now I never thought I'd get called back but surprisingly I did, and ever since then I've been experiencing the true essence of working for a magazine company.

Before everyone gets bored - let me show you what I've been doing :)


Okay, so these are the style pages - as you can probably see the main focus is on menswear. Now  I was quite naive when it came to this kinda stuff, cause I never actually realised how much work goes into this type of page. I thought - just get the images and put them in the mag, write about them here and there. But NO. Just these pages alone are a lot of hard working which my boss has been teaching me. You have to contact PR companies so that they can send you the images of clothes, you pick the clothes you want they send you samples of the clothes, you pick the samples you want then you go and set up a photo shoot to take pics of the clothes, you write the text, the page gets designed. Basically everyone has an input in them !

RWD magazine is A LOT of fun, I LOVE being a part of it, especially as it's been my favourite magazine for ages (alongside Vogue, Elle, i.D) 

Now I know a lot of you fashion bloggers dreams is to be working for a magazine so every week, I am going to update you with behind the scenes pictures of what really goes on @ a magazine! (I start back January 5th btw guys)

Really and truly what I want to say to you guys is, is that when you feel like nothings work out, when you feel like you wanna give up, when you feel like your putting soo much effort into your blog and nobodies commenting or following - DON'T GIVE UP. Continue - I really and truly believe that everything happens for a reason.

I went for a job at Selfridges, I didn't get it, that was for a reason - because then I got this massive break!
If your extremely passionate about what you do, and you really want nothing else than to be fashion writing, or working for a magazine/newspaper/online, then don't give up. The fashion industry is really hard to break into, if you know yourself that you've got the dedication, the drive & the determination - then keep going until you achieve your dreams. 

#nothings stopping you!

Believe in yourself

 I got really happs when I saw this hahha ---------->

  • Before you send off any emails, get experience (I worked as a contributor for a different magazine before) you can contribute to places like IFB, or Style sample magazine.  Get as much experience as you can.
  • Write a cover letter explaining why you love fashion, and what you gain out of fashion writing (make sure to mention that you blog in your spare time) talk about your past experiences as a fashion writer.
  •  E-mail editor's of magazines, some well known, some not as known, send them your cover letter, your link of your blog and so on... ( I would say letters get more noticed, it's kinda personal?)
  •   Start taking this seriously, think of this as your 50 and this is your last chance to make it as a fashion writer - do everything you can and more to make it known to magazines, websites, newspapers that you want this bad, contribute as much as you can - your gunner be expected to do unpaid work at first. 
  • and last but not least - DON'T give up :)
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Read the rest of the magazine online now here
Read the rest of the magazine online now here
Read the rest of the magazine online now here
Read the rest of the magazine online now here  


黃愛玲 said...

You gave such great advice. Amazing. I couldn't agree more. =o)

I love your menswear pages. You're very creative.

I have my moments where I want to give up with my art. This encouraged me not to give up. =o)

The last picture = gorgeous.

Michelle Chic said...

so happy for u! great advice by the way, wish u all the best!

Anisa said...

Congrats! that's amazing, goood for you! Hopefully, I can follow in your footsteps and do the same!


Kelly said...

Congratulations!! This is an amazing post!! It's so inspiring, and eye opening!! Can't wait to see your future posts!

<3 Kelly

Seraveza said...

Congrats~! Uh-mazing <3

Vera said...

I liked the advice that you gave. It's very helpful, thank you!

Jersey Fashionista said...

Thank you for this post & for sharing your experiences- truly inspiring :)

Lemonade Money said...

This is amazing. Good for you for going out and making this fab opportunity happen for yourself.. it's fair to say you have inspired me missus! I love RWD mag! GO GIRRL x

YazmiinAktar said...

just followed your blog because i love your style! and i'm really happy for you that you got a job at RWD!!!


ronan said...

great post! thanks for letting my know shy it's actually really helped! i'm on ifb but i never really use it so i'm gonna try get involved more. you're an inspiration :) thank you! ronan x

EL ELLZ said...