Friday, 4 October 2013

New Start

Hi guys, 

so I've been running this blog since I was 18... I'm 21 now so I've decided to let 'yeahitsshyy' go...
I'm not going to delete it, but I won't be posting from this blog from this time on...

I've managed to achieve some wonderful things from it. I landed a job as a fashion assistant at RWD magazine, I got chosen to represent London and style and model TWO global Adidas lookbooks, and I then collaborated with Exit magazine and Adidas and yet again styled and modelled a 12 page fashion story for them and created our own 'Yeah Its Shyy' magazine for London Fashion Week. I even landed myself my first ever presenting gig from this blog. I owe everything I've ever done work wise to this blog. Yeah Its Shyy has been a great journey for me and I genuinely believe everyone should blog, because it gets yourself out there and opportunities that can arise from it are definitely amazing.

I don't want to stop blogging though, I genuinely love it, I love interacting with you guys and I lost reading other blogs. I really do feel I kind of let this blog go this year, I lost passion for it. Not for blogging, I lost passion to blog on 'Yeah Its Shyy' but that's just because I feel my personal style... kind of changed a bit, and I've grown up... just a tad. So yeah. I feel quite sad writing this tbh, just reflecting on what I've been able to do with Yeah Its Shyy has made me a bit teary eyed haha - mental I know, but I'm thoroughly excited for the next stage, and I'm really excited to be blogging again.

From now, I will be regularly blogging from my BRAND NEW SPANKING blog.
Feel free to follow me on that.

First blog post - tomorrow :-)

Sunday, 29 September 2013


(Vintage top, Monki skirt, Topshop boots, Primark socks)

Hey guys,
hoping everyone's well?

Can we PERLEASE check out this absolutely GORGEOUS Monki skirt? I couldn't believe my luck when I saw it... and it's only a bargain... something like £20. I love Topshop, but Topshop have a version of this, and it's something like £40... Ridiculous! Loving everything that Monki have recently, they really have a great range of fashionable yet affordable clothes - most items are literally £20 max which is the snoochie boochie... and if ya don't know what the snoochie boochie means (I say it all the time) it means pretty darn well cool. 

This top, I found rummaging around in me mums wardrobe, I literally nick her clothes all the time - it's turning into a really bad habit, but hey what can I say? It was worth the aggro of her complaining haha.

P.S I'm thinking of switching blogs. I've had 'yeahitsshyy' since I was 18 nearly 19. I'm 21 now, so I'm thinking of leaving this behind and starting a fresh - I'm really excited though, cause I love blogging. Can't wait to get started - will keep you guys updated.

Love ya,
Shyy xx

Saturday, 8 June 2013


 (Topshop hat, Topshop forehead band, Topshop dress, Vintage shirt, Topshop boots, Primark socks)

I'd quickly like to point out that I do not have a piece of wire on my head.. I am wearing this ahhahaha!

Just realised whilst typing the above ^ that literally everything I'm wearing is from Topshop.. awks. These boots. I have wanted them for ages. I can't actually explain how much I wanted them, but I could never see myself parting from £95 for them. Then one day I thought you know what... let me take the plunge and buy them, I took the plunge and then when I got to the till they had gone down in sale to £30!!! Do you know how excited I was.. literally felt like doing some sort of forward rolls across the till... cause I'm really not about that somersaulting life... Not that I can somersault even if I did try. Anyway's.. these boots are honestly my purchase of the year... I wear them all the time, even though they take me to 6ft LOL, I literally live in them.

I'm loving everything forehead wise LOL if that even makes sense. Bindi's, beanies, forehead bands, you name it.. I want it. This forehead band is from Topshop and I'm in love with it.. I don't like wearing it alone (without some sort of hat) as my hair goes flat lol, but hey.. it's a great buy and it's £8.50. To think, that is quite expensive for what it is.. but.. yolo x 2

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